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Benefits of Writing Letter for Mind and Body

My first letter-writing practice started before I was ten years old when my mother sent me to summer camp with boxes of stationery and instructed me to write at home. This is a source of her way of helping me cope with homesickness. The habit of writing letters went back a long way and served to enable people to communicate collectively, at least until the invention of the telegraph in the 19th century. He used a polygraph device (developed by John Isaac Hawkins) to duplicate his written letters.

Collect Ideas


Another exciting way to start is to write to the editor of a magazine or newspaper about a matter of personal interest or controversy or to write a letter expressing your thoughts on a published article. It is sometimes much easier to get a person’s attention to correspondence. It is also an excellent way to collect ideas before entering into a dialogue. Moreover, you can decide on a particular connection between you, the sender, and the receiver. Some writers use the practice as a way to warm up and get out of the writing zone.  If you plan to mail your letter, consider sealing it with wax or traditional stickers. In general, you can see that writing a letter during the holidays is a gift for you and the recipients.

Gain Cognitive Skill

Memoir writers sometimes do this to connect with a deceased loved one about whom they might write. As she delivered the letter, it served as the beginning of her writing career. Having pen and paper impairs motor and mnemonic skills and is an effective cognitive exercise, especially for baby boomers. We probably write more in the middle than in the brain. Even written letters seem more personal than those reported by e-mail. For example, consider using a particular type of pen and paper.

Socialize with Others

Many older adults in nursing homes or individuals living independently, or even anyone who is housed and locked up, would probably appreciate a friendly personal note. I’ve contacted a few nursing homes and assisted living facilities who said they would understand e-mails from their nearest and dearest. For anyone who has lost family and friends (even if they live around the corner or on another continent), it’s a beautiful time to relive love letters in the broadest sense. Writing letter can reduce your stress during pandemic.

Gain Creativity

Usually, writing a letter has a richer, more profound quality that I’m sure is transferred to the reader. It is also creative, and It’s a great way to entertain children of almost any age – get them to write homemade cards decorated with glitter and stickers or drawings. And you can save unique letters that are sure to create memories. Another thought that could be supported today is to write a letter with positive and purposeful reviews, perhaps expressing problems and giving yourself a little nudge.

Practice a Kind of Imperceptible Inner Connection


Send love, prayers, and positive thoughts to people you think might notice what is particularly challenging for them. You are likely to send love to entire communities and even states within minutes. There’s no proof that it works, of course. But, I think it could affect. The ideal way to get into the habit of writing letters is to start with the main reason you are writing the letter and use the whole body of this correspondence to explain it. It would help if you let the words flow and not force ideas onto the page. Imagine you are sitting at the dining room table with the person you are writing to. Some people like to use the correspondence writing technique to start and end the letter with the same objective.

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Living a health friendly life style

The kind of life you lead has a lot of implications on your health, and that is what we will be discussing in this post. Living healthy is by far the least pleasing endeavor you will ever attempt, that is if you have a once sided view towards it. What you might fail to understand is that health is the primary facilitator of how you carry out everything else. With good health, you live happily, be productive, and simply achieve more; and vice versa if you have no good health.

The kind of lifestyle you choose significantly determines how healthy your body is so—here are some suggestions on how to live better.

A health friendly lifestyle

More plant based mealsfruits

The first thing that you need to do is start eating more plant-based meals. These include veggies, fruits, and cereals. Avoiding meat is not advised, but only eat what you need. Plants are more nutritious, and better for our health. Products from animals, especially meat can cause disease, and in some cases transfer diseases from the animals to humans.

Drink clean water

There are many water borne diseases, and it is important to make sure that you take preventive measure to avoid them. The best way is to drink clean water. Since it is financially impossible to live on bottled water, you should get into the habit of boiling water and store it for later use.


Recycle as much as you can, and help solve the trash problem. When litter is left in the open ground and keeps on accumulating, it acts as a breeding ground for flies, mosquitoes, and other harmful disease-causing insects. When you recycle, it helps maintain a clean environment, hence enhancing health.

Plant a backyard garden

If you have a garden, then make use of it. Plants some flowers and vegetables. You will be surprised how much vegetables you will be able to get out of your garden.

Plant more trees

We have to do all it takes to help conserve the environment, and the best absolute way to do this is plant trees. Trees are responsible for the fresh air we breathe and attracting rain. This, in turn, helps better people’s health. There are various ways to plant trees, and if you have no space to do it physically, you can commit yourself to regularly donating—to organizations that plant trees.

Living a health-friendly lifestyle is right for everyone, so don’t be left behind.